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Lenord+Bauer has launched a new test and programming unit. The GEL 211 for its GEL 2444x series sensors with sin/cos output 1 Vp/p and reference signal. It is used for easily checking the signals for compliance with adjustable tolerance limits. This includes sin/cos signals (amplitude, offset and phase offset), reference signal (amplitude, offset, position and width), which can assist during installation and servicing.

The GEL 211 can be used to optimise the sensor and tooth-wheel mounting during installation and record test results for quality documentation. It is also a valuable tool for fault-finding in service and maintenance situations. For instance it can monitor the condition of the tooth-wheel, providing values for tooth pattern uniformity, concentricity and circularity of the wheel. This is epecially useful where access to the sensor and wheel is difficult such as when it is embedded in the machine.

In combination with the new GEL 2444P the unit becomes a programming tool with which parameters such as a reference or equipment serial number can be tagged, the operating hour counter can be set up and the temperature log can be read and reset. The GEL 211 will also output the sensor serial number and type (GEL 2444P only).

The GEL 211 is a useful tool during assembly, servicing and maintenance but can also be left connected to provide convenient monitoring of the sensor. Data can be transmitted from the unit via WIFI to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs.

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