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New right angled planetary gearbox range

A new range of right-angled planetary gearboxes is now available from Motor Technology for a wide range of industrial applications. Manufactured by Italian firm, Tramec, the TEP range is based on the company’s long established EP range of general purpose planetary gearboxes.

Right-angled gearboxes are frequently used where there are space constraints on a machine, often machines with high axis counts, such as slitters and winders, printing and packaging machines, handling and robotics etc.

Currently available in four frame sizes, 55, 75, 90, and 120, in one and two stage configurations. Single stage versions offer ratios from 3:1 to 10:1, and two stage versions offer ratios from 12:1 to 100:1.

Backlash ranges from 12-17 arc-minutes for the single stage and 15-20 arc-minutes for the two stage versions. Gearbox efficiency is 94% for the single stage type and 91% for the two stage.

The gearboxes also perform well in terms of noise generated during operation with levels between 65 to 70dB at 3000rpm input speed. Gearbox output torque is up to 180Nm nominal, 290Nm peak, and with an E-Stop torque of 600Nm.

The gearboxes are flange compatible with Tramec’s EP series and also offer alternative shaft and output flange options. A wide range of motor adapters are available for typical servo, stepper, DC and AC motors.