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What is the smallest speed increment you can set on a servo motor?

Smallest Speed increment

In our Technical Answers series, we address questions that have been put to us by customers regarding their real-life applications. We’ve always sought to produce easy-to-understand articles that provide help and advice with every day servo and automation issues that will hopefully help all our customers. Our recent Back-to-Basics article on servo motors was a […]

When a servo motor that’s big enough isn’t big enough

servo motor is not big enough

It might seem a strange statement, but yes, you read that right—there are certain operating conditions where servomotors that should be big enough for an application are actually too small! Too small that is in terms of their power rating, which for most applications is a perfectly acceptable way of selecting the right size motor. […]

Let us answer your technical questions

let us answer your technical questions

Servo and motion control technology can sometimes be complex, so to help demystify the subject and answer some of your trickier questions, we’re launching a series of short and simple articles as part of out new Technical Answers feature. We’d like to invite you to submit any question you may have on servo and motion […]