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Target wheels ZA, ZAN, ZAG and ZAZ

Target wheels ZA

Target wheels ZA, ZAN, ZAG and ZAZ by Lenord+Bauer. L+B have over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of precision target wheels, which are suitable for contactless magnetic scanning by magneto-resistive sensor elements (MiniCODERs) for rotational speed detection and position acquisition A reference mark (tooth, flag, groove or gap) is used for generating reference […]

GEL 2449 MiniCODER with SINCOS or DIGITAL output

GEL 2449

The measuring system comprises the GEL 2449 MiniCODER sensor element and a precision target wheel for attachment to shafts. Suitable tooth-wheel modules are 0.4 or 1.0 mm. Precision target wheels can be ordered separately. The MiniCODER contactlessly scans the precision target wheel using magneto resistive sensors and acquires the direction of rotation, rotational speed and position of the […]