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FlexSlice Thermocouple module (P367)

The Flex-6 Nano is a powerful DIN rail mounted stand-alone flexible and compact Motion Coordinator. Its on board memory can be expanded to 32 GByte using a Micro SD card.

The 4 thermocouple inputs are brought out to a single row push-in connector. A second single row push-in connector has 4 relay outputs for control of a heater or other switched load. All 16 outputs are source (PNP) type and have electrical isolation. Outputs and power connection are via 2 x single-row plug-in screw terminal […]

FlexSlice 8 Analogue Inputs (P379)

8 Analogue Inputs P379

The P379 Flexslice 8 Analogue Input module has eight programmable voltage range input terminals, each digitised to a resolution of 12 bit. The 8 single ended inputs have a common 0V potential and are brought out to a single row plug-in screw terminal block. The signal state is indicated by 8 LEDs with variable light […]

CAN IO – 8-in / 4-out Analogue (P826)

Trio CAN I_O range

The CAN Analogue I/O module offers a compact DIN rail mounted analogue input/output capability for Trio Motion Coordinators. Each¬†module provides 8 channels of 12-bit (+/-10V) analogue inputs and 4 channels of 12-bit (+/-10V) analogue outputs. Up to 4 modules may be connected to the CAN link which may be up to 100m long, considerably reducing […]