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Metronix – smartServo BL 4300C

The SmartServo drive series follows the tradition of Metronix to provide a simple to integrate, user friendly solution to even the most demanding servo applications. This starts with the compact drive housings that include many of the ancillary components necessary in other systems to meet CE compliance. This includes mains filters, line and motor chokes, […]

Fast-Back servo motor and drive combo

Fast back servo motor and drive combo

The Axor FastBack brushless servo motor with integrated drive provides all-in-one, fully digital torque / speed / position control. The motor torque range is from 1.1 to 7.5 Nm. 1ph, 230 VAC power supply direct at the motor. Motion controller with CAN BUS fieldbus interface and now also available with integrated multi-turn absolute encoder. The […]

MiniMAGNUM, Digital Servodrive


The fully digital Mini Magnum compact servodrive from Axor Industries measures just 66 wide x 201 high x 141deep (all in mm) and weights 1.75kg. The Axor Mini Magnum servodrives are suitable for driving AC brushless servomotors with encoder or resolver feedback. These units can operate directly on a single or three phase mains power […]

Metronix – ARS 2300 series

The ARS 2000 servo positioning controllers (ARS servo 2nd generation) are intelligent AC servo inverters for operation direct from a three-phase mains supply. They are flexible and can be easily adapted to a number of different applications, with many adjustment and expansion options. In addition to speed and torque control, positioning, speed and angle synchronisation […]

ServoONE junior

This  compact, high performance digital servo drive  is optimised for the lower power output range, the ServoONE junior range comes with all the familiar technological benefits of a ServoONE drive. Full functional compatibility and continous handling within the ServoOne family is guaranteed at all times Standard Features • detailed motion control functions• interpolated positioning modes• […]

KEBA – Single axis servo drive

The AC-powered ServoOne single-axis servo is suitable for a broad spread of applications thanks to its very wide power output range. From handling systems to complex test rigs, there are no limits to the diversity of applications covered. Standard Features  The fluid-cooled model greatly enhances performance. Protection against overheating due to malfunctions in the fluid […]


The MACK system is based on a linked, modular design, with no fixed mechanical connection between the modules. All connections are over link-cables. EMC line filter, in-rush and regen circuits are all provided on the MACK POWER module and shared by the connected MACK DRIVE units.   Standard Features  • Several DRIVES powered by one […]