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Squeezing a servo drive with 2.5kW continuous rating in to a housing (approx. 58-68cm3 depending on the model) around half the volume of a standard package of cigarettes (approx. 106cm3) is no mean feat, but that is exactly what Axor, Italy, have achieved with the new MackNANO servo drives.

Axor’s concept for the MackNANO was to develop a compact, flexible drive at an economic price. The result is a very compact drive module that packs in functions such as control for brushless and DC servo motors, stepper motors and sensorless motors, control modes such as analogue and digital speed and torque demand, clock and direction signals, and various serial communication and fieldbus options.

The drives are supplied in two housings, depending on the power rating and functions selected. There are four voltage levels 48, 60 110 and 140Vdc, with current ratings up to 10Amps, 50Amps, 35Amps and 25Amps respectively. Peak current of 2x nominal is available for up to 3 seconds.

MackNANO servo drives also have a number of homing routines, gearing functions and analogue positioning capability for simple applications where a controller is not desirable/viable.

Targeted directly at low voltage applications the MackNANO is ideal for use in machinery for printing, textile, labelling, sorting, sewing and packaging. They are also ideal for instrumentation, lab equipment, battery powered systems, autonomous vehicles (including AGVs), conveyors, actuators and systems including door operators and antenna positioners.

The MackNANO provides a real, cost effective, alternative to AC, DC and stepper applications that would benefit from the higher performance and efficiency of a servo system.


  • Ultra compact drives for low voltage applications such as AGVs, battery powered equipment, instrumentation, handling, etc
  • Driving motor range up to 5 Nm (2500W)
  • Universal drive for brushless, DC, stepper and sensorless motors
  • Sinusoidal current waveform
  • Speeder-One® software interface with USB for setting and monitoring
  • Serial Encoder Feedback (single hybrid cable)
  • Clock and Direction Command
  • 8 Poles motors with sinusoidal B.E.M.F. permanent rare earth magnets
  • Medium-high rotor inertia
  • Very low torque fluctuation at minimum speed

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