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The outstanding performance figures and robust construction makes the absolute rotary encoder GEL 235 superior to both conventional encoders and optical systems.

Using an innovative technique that reinterprets the familiar Vernier principle, the GEL 235 is able to achieve unprecedented precision.


The GEL 235 absolute rotary encoder operates utterly reliably even under the harshest conditions, such as widely fluctuating temperature and moisture conditions or strong vibration. In order to withstand severe temperature fluctuations all rotating components are made from materials that have the same temperature coefficient. Indeed, they are all composed of ferro-magnetic steel, and for maximum reliability are form-fit under pressure.

In combination with our non-ageing magnetic sensors the absolute rotary encoder GEL 235 makes an active contribution to the increased reliability and durability of your machines.

We have dispensed entirely with internal plug and screw connections and cabling. Poor contact properties caused by corroded contacts and broken leads are a thing of the past.


Modern industrial machines are becoming increasingly compact. We are happy to further this trend with our Sensorline GEL 235.

Its well-thought-out construction and connection technology also makes a very compact design possible. Even though it incorporates a robust integrated mechanical precision gear this absolute rotary encoder is no longer than 46.5 mm, whether as single-turn or multi-turn encoder.



  • magnetic single- and multi-turn absolute encoders
  • up to 28 bit resolution on industry standard SSI serial interface
  • rated to IP64 as standard and IP67 as an option
  • compact ø58mm housing, 46.5mm long
  • Profibus-DP and CANbus interface available (option)