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The encoders contain a contact-less magnetic sensor system and a precision toothed wheel. The sensor’s magnetic field is modulated by the passing of the teeth of the measuring wheel. The resulting sine-cosine voltage is evaluated by the integrated electronic and converted to an incremental output. The GEL 209 is suitable for shaft loads up to 500N and the GEL 219 has an integrated bearing-pedestal (foot-mount), for use in belt-drive applications.

  • Heavy industry
  • Paper and packaging machines
  • Bottling plants
  • Transport and storage systems
  • Linear measuring eg. belt-drive 
  • Machines for the processing of steel, wood, rock, textiles and plastics
  • Railway industry
Advantages of the magnetic system
  • Unaffected by condensation on the measuring wheel and is therefore the preferred choice for applications, where ambient temperatures change or where the relative humidity is high. (e.g. outdoors)
  • Unaffected by oil or dirt penetration.
  • The steel measuring wheel is highly resistant to shock and vibration, unlike glass or plastic graduated discs in other systems.
  • Excellent reliability over a very long life because it does not suffer from the ageing effect common to optical systems.
Technical data GEL 207, 208 and 209
Fields of application Mechanical engineering, cranes, ship technology
Supply voltage 5 V DC or 10 to 30 V DC
Output signal Two square-wave signals offset by 90° and their inverse signals, short-circuit-proof; option: reference pulse, TTL / RS422 or HTL 10 ... 30V DC
Temperature range -20 °C to +85 °C
Protection class IP 65
Number of pulses up to 136,192, for full list see below