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The multiturn absolute rotary encoders in the GEL 2037 series provide an unambiguous position value for each angular position with a resolution of up to 25 bits. The magnetic absolute rotary encoder supplies the position values in binary or gray code via a synchronous serial interface (SSI).

The encoder housing made of anodised aluminium has a flange dimension of 58 mm. The absolute rotary encoder GEL 2037 is suitable for standard and heavy-duty applications, it also withstands aggressive media and impresses with a long, maintenance-free service life. The GEL 2037 is available with a heavy-duty flange or clamping flange with tooth wheel adapter.

A very compact redundant system is realised by combination with a resolver.

  • Total resolution 25 bits
  • Absolute accuracy 0.8°
  • Output signal SSI or SSI and resolver
  • Magnetic gear
  • Suitable for standard and heavy-duty applications
  • Withstands high shock/ vibration loads
  • Not affected by dirt or oil mist
  • Temperature behaviour stable over the long-term
  • Full function in case of condensation: dew-point resistant!
  • No ageing of the magnetic sensor technology
GEL 2037
  • Construction machines
  • Agricultural machines
  • Food industry
  • Wind power
  • Offshore technology
Technical data GEL 2037
Fields of application Renewable energy, mechanical engineering, mobile machine
Supply voltage 5 V DC or 10 to 30 V DC
Positions per revolution 8,192 steps (13 Bit)
Number of revolutions 4,096 (12 Bit)
Temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C
Protection class IP 65
Interface SSI