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Fuji-Techno are innovators in the area of pumps and offer, amongst other products, a range of internationally patented non-pulsation Super Metering Pumps.

Their market leading products can be found in many of universities and laboratories around the world and this has led to growing appreciation in the research and development community.

Their highly qualified and supportive staff ensure the best possible assistance for customers throughout the product selection process, whether for the handling of high viscosity liquids, corrosive chemicals, air/moisture reactive media, amongst other requirements.

Fuji-Techno offer stand-alone portable units that can be controlled over the integrated touch-screen or linked over PC software to enable control of up to five pumps. They also offer complete production skids.

To aid application of the pumps in laboratories, pilot plants and production sites, we offer a wide range of automation components to facilitate integration in to factory networks, explosive environments, remote operation, etc.

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