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Compact Dynamic servo motors

Moog Compact Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors are designed for highly dynamic servo applications where positioning times of 30 mSec or less are often the norm. The Moog Compact Dynamic Brushless Servo Motor offers one of the industry’s widest power ranges with standard models available at continuous stall torque ratings from 0.15 to 77 Nm (1.3 […]

Maximum Dynamic servo motors

MOOG - Maximim Dynamic servo motors

A variety of machines across industry (such as injection molding or textile machines) need to achieve very short acceleration and deceleration times. Traditional electric machine systems have limitations in acceleration and speed caused by the high inertia of their moving parts. Moog Maximum Dynamic brushless servo motors (MD Series) address the evolving need for greater […]

Explosion proof dynamic brushless servo motor

MOOG - explosion proof brushless servo motor

Moog Explosion Proof Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors have been certified to comply with the Essential Health and Safety Requirements relating to the design and construction of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive environments. The Moog Explosion Proof dynamic brushless servo motor is designed and manufactured in accordance with strict CE (VDE) […]