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Motor Technology - Line Card
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Overview of our range of products and services.

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Servo drives +

DC Servo Drives

5A/24V ... 40A/240V

Servo motors

DC Brushless Servo

3A/24V ... 70A/240V, trapezoidal and sinusoidal


AC Brushless Servo

(fast control loop)

1A/230V ... 70A/600V, Field-Bus connectivity, high resolution encoder compatible


AC Brushless Servo

(general purpose)

1A/230V ... 30A/600V, full motion control capabilities, Field-Bus connectivity


DC Servo Motors

Up to 0.7Nm, rare earth magnets


Brushless Servo Motors

Up to 124Nm continuous, low inertia, short motors, frameless motor kits


Linear Motors

Iron Core and Ironless

Stepper drives +

Stepper Motors

DC, permanent magnet, 0.4 ... 38Nm, IP68

Stepper motors

Stepper Drives

DC, 1A/40V ... 15A/300V


Intelligent Stepper Drives

Programmable, stand alone, RS232/485, SERCOS


Low-cost Planetary

Up to 400Nm


Servo Planetary

Up to 160Nm


Adjustable Backlash Worm

Up to 2000Nm


Magnetic Incremental

10 ... 40,000ppr


Absolute (single / multi turn)

100 ... 4096ppr / 1 ... 4096 turns, SSI, parallel

Linear Scales

Magnetic Incremental

1 ... 1500mm / 0.1 or 0.01mm resolution


Ultrasonic Absolute

50 ... 5000mm / 0.1 or 0.01mm resolution


For Incremental Encoders

5Vdc or 10...35Vdc


For Absolute Encoders



Stand Alone Modules

1 ... 32 Axes (up to 180 axes networked), RS232/485


PC Motion Control Cards

1 ... 16 axes / per port, DOS, Windows 98, Windows NT, Linux


Field-Bus Connectivity

Profibus DP (slave/master), DeviceNet,   Interbus S, Allen-Bradley Ethernet, Data-Highway/ Plus, Modbus and Modbus TCP, GE Genius, AB SLC500, S908 Remote I/O, Ethernet I/O, Snap Ethernet I/O


Specialised Task Controllers

Wind-Unwind / Coiling / Gearing / Cam / Position / Flying Saw / Rotating Knife / Digitising / CNC Milling / Laser-Water-Air Knife



0.1 ... 10Nm



10 ... 4000Nm



5 ... 1500Nm


Intermediate Shafts

Up to 3m long, 200Nm torque


Application Support

Project Management, Specification, Training


System Build

Complete Drive And Control Systems



Repairs, Maintenance, Call-Outs