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Kollmorgen-Seidel, part of the Danaher Motion group, has launched the new Servostar 400 range of stackable, compact drives for rotary and linear motors.


Available from Motor Technology, the new range comprises of master and slave modules. The master axis offers full single-axis control with on-board power supply, filters and regen resistor.


The master axis is capable of supporting five slave axes, which plug in next to each other. This configuration provides a low-cost solution, especially for multi-axes applications, with one supply connection and one RTO contact for up to six axes.


This saves time, reduces costs and minimizes the possible sources of error during installation.


Servostar 400 can control synchronous servo motors with resolver or encoder feedback. The digital control loops enable operation of all types of servomotor, such as rotating motors, linear motors and direct drives.


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