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    Motor Technology at North West Manufacturing 2005





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Motor Technology will be using North West Manufacturing 2005 at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton, to present its wide range of servo and automation products and services.


"We believe that, with ever increasing demands on an engineers time, this local event will prove a convenient location to get up-to-date on the latest automation products and services available".


The Exhibition runs from the 8th to 9th June. Motor Technology will be exhibiting on stand D35 and the following equipment will be on display:


Danaher-Motion Servostar 200, 300, 400 and 600 series of digital drives are the ideal solution for applications requiring precise positioning combined with high-speed operation. The drives also feature integral EMC filters and Windows software.


Ormec controllers are the ultimate solution for high-speed multi-axis motion control. Extensive options such as HMI and network communication allow them to be interfaces to most factory networks and host controllers / PLCs.


Lenord+Bauer incremental and absolute rotary / linear encoders for demanding industrial applications, as well as a host of motion and process controllers for positioning, winding, synchronising and CAM control functions.


Acroloop stand-alone and PC based motion control units for OEM applications. For up to 16 axes per card these units can be tailored to almost any requirement. Full programming and set-up software is supplied and optional Mill and Cutter control software is available.


Zebotronics offer a wide range of stepper motor products covering motors, drives, drives with integrated controller, gearboxes, fitted encoders and complete drive / control systems. Motor range is up to 38Nm with drives up to 14.5A / 240Vdc.


Girard offer a wide range of worm gearboxes including the DYNABOX precision gearboxes. The DYNABOX range offers low-backlash, compact / modular construction, flanges / couplings for most available motors and torques up to 2800Nm.


Tramec offer a range of planetary gearboxes for general automation as well as low backlash units. Backlash on the RDS range is 10 arc/min. The REP range offers backlash down to 4 arc/min depending on the type.


R+W offer a wide range of precision couplings covering miniature, drive and safety units. Shaft diameters from 1 to 180mm can be accommodated. Line shafts up to 6m long and a new range of linear couplings can also be supplied.



A number ofMOVING exhibits will be on display.


Motor Technology's engineers will be available throughout the exhibition to answer technical questions and to provide solutions to all manner of automation problems.


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