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Lenord + Bauer has extended the resolution of its magnetic incremental encoders considerably by improving the sensitivity of the measuring element allowing interpolation factors up to 1024 times.


The encoder ranges 207, 208, 209 and 219 may now be specified with up to 136,192 pulses per revolution (ppr). The larger GEL 260 and hollow-shaft GEL 293 are available with up to 273,408ppr and 266,240ppr respectively.

Lenord + Bauer’s magnetic incremental encoders are extremely robust and are suited to applications in harsh environments such as steel, glass and brick works, on presses, in foundries, roll forming and extruders, and industrial ovens, etc. They may also be specified with additional vibration and humidity protection and with an extended working temperature range.

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GEL 260 Magnetic Incremental Encoder



GEL 200 Range of Magnetic Incremental Encoder