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Servo gear-head range extended





Girard Transmissions, of France, has extended its Dynabox range of right-angled, servo gearheads with the introduction of Dynabox 25. Available in the UK from Motor Technology, Dynabox 25 has a centre-to-centre distance of 25mm, ratios of up to 60:1, and is available with a keyed hollow-shaft output.

The new gearboxes are suitable for operating continuously at speeds of up to 4,000rpm, and 6,000rpm intermittently. They are self locking from 30:1 ratio and are rated at up to 29Nm peak and 17Nm continuous. Three levels of backlash can be selected from one arc minute up to ten arc minutes.

Due to Girardís unique gear cutting process there is nearly a 90 percent surface contact between the gear and the tooth resulting in high wear resistance and low backlash over the lifetime of the gearbox. The gearboxes are maintenance free, offer high axial and radial loading capability and are available with a wide selection of motor flanges and backlash-free couplings.

The gearboxes are suitable for a diverse range of applications such as: film camera manipulators, rotary tables, tool carousels, camshaft machining centres, and large handling systems etc.




Download latest Dynabox catalogue (6Mb)


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