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New gearbox catalogue and online design service





Motor Technology has launched Tramecís new 52-page gearbox catalogue, in the UK, that contains comprehensive technical details of the companyís general purpose and precision range of planetary gearboxes. The EP and REP ranges offer ratios of up to 343:1 and a peak output torque of 900Nm. They can be specified with a number of output shaft and flange options for easy integration into existing designs, and are also available with a variety of input shaft and motor flange options to suite servo, stepper, AC and DC motors alike.

The gearboxes are suitable for a wide range of applications where either constant torque and speed is required such as on pumps and conveyors, and for high precision and dynamics such as on pick-and-place systems, machining centres, printing and packaging machines.

In addition to detailed product information the catalogue also describes a number of application examples and sizing calculations. To further support customers Tramec has launched a free online design service where gearboxes can be configured on-line and two and three dimensional models downloaded for easy integration into documentation and design drawings.




Down-load new 52 page catalogue (2Mb)




Screen shot from the on-line configurator


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