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Motor Technology has launched the latest addition to German firm Metronix’s ARS series of compact servo drives in the UK. The new ARS 2108 features faster processor speeds, up by 60 percent, cutting current loop time to an impressive 31.25 microseconds. This results in a highly responsive system and is particularly beneficial on direct drive applications.

Additionally the new drives deliver fast Field-bus cycle times of up to 125 microseconds, for SERCOS II, enabling tighter speed and torque control. This is important for applications like machining where the quality of the machined finish is dependent on a high level of speed and torque control.

The new ARS 2108 drives also offer a high overload capability of up to four times the nominal current. In some applications this will result in cost savings as the units’ ability to cope with the higher peak currents of motors means that in some cases a lower rated drive could be selected.

Other key features of the ARS 2108 include, integrated CE filters, a universal encoder interface, compatibility with a wide range of motors, automatic motor identification, fieldbus support, extensive I/O and user friendly commissioning software.


ARS servo drive with ServoCommander user software



ARS servo drive


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