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A new range of direct drive servo motors has been launched by Motor Technology to provide a solution for machine builders looking for increases in energy efficiency and a reduction in drive components.

Direct drive motors are fitted directly to the load, dispensing with the need for additional components such as gearboxes, couplings, belts, chains and sprockets.

SKA DDR (Direct Drive Rotary) power pack fitted with solid output shaft and encoder.

SKA DDL (Direct Drive Linear) linear motor ready assembled with linear encoder.

SKA DDR (Direct Drive Rotary) frameless comprising rotor and housed stator.

SKA DDL (Direct Drive Linear) compact linear motor in aluminium housing with integrated guide rails and feed-back device.

Servomotors are highly efficient, typically 90 to 95 per cent, and direct drive servos can result in energy savings of up to 50 per cent in some cases. Not only is the motor more efficient, but driving the load directly removes the inefficiencies inherent in a power train with more components.

Driving the load direct has the additional advantages of eliminating backlash from gearboxes, couplings and rack-and-pinions. It also eliminates the problems associated with expansion in belt drives or the play in chain, all of which translate into efficiency losses and a requirement for increased maintenance. Direct drives also reduce design-in time, installation time and cut maintenance and down time.

The new SKA direct drive linear motors are synchronous, linear, permanent magnet motors designed with iron-core technology. The mobile part is formed by the winding while the static part is formed by the track to which the permanent magnets are fixed. The motors are offered as ready-assembled units with integrated linear guide rails and feedback, or as frameless units comprising a part-set of track and carriage. They are available up to 3m long and are capable of producing up to 7,200N of peak force.

Amongst the range of linear motors is a Compact model designed as a 'plug and play' solution. It has an extruded aluminium body with integrated track, carriage, linear guides and feedback device, and is as simple to fit as a conventional linear actuator.

The SKA direct drive rotary motors, capable of producing up to 800Nm of torque, are essentially brushless servo motors with an increased number of poles. This spreads current more evenly through the windings and allows for a much higher torque density and smooth operation. The motors are available as ready-to-fit Power Pack units with solid or hollow shafts, motor flange and casing, feedback device and holding brake if required.

Alternatively they can be supplied as frameless part-sets consisting of a rotor and stator.