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Cut costs with retro products

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Older, discontinued servo drive components from a range of manufacturers that date back, in some cases, over twenty years are available from Motor Technology as drop-in compatibles. When drive components need replacing itís far more cost and time effective to buy a compatible product than it is to upgrade to the modern equivalent.

An upgrade might involve new drives, motors and cabling, not to mention machinery downtime while the new equipment is fitted. Specifying a compatible is not only a lot more cost effective, itís easier to install as itís simply a case of replacing like with like.

Motor Technology is the UK agent for Mattke, of Freiburg, in Germanyís Black Forest, that has the rights to manufacture a wide range of discontinued servo components, such as drives, motors and gearboxes. There is a lot of older equipment out there that is still operating perfectly, but many of the servo components are no longer supported by the original manufacturer.

An upgrade could be costly, but Motor Technology can offer users of older equipment the option to have a repair or a replacement with a compatible product. The range includes compatible servo drive and motor products to Siemens, AEG, Bosch, Kollmorgen-Seidel, Jutronik, Liebherr and Posidata. In addition Mattke offer controllers, gearboxes, encoders, tachogenerators, brakes, chokes and associated components.




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