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Older, discontinued servo drive components from a range of manufacturers that date back, in some cases, to over twenty years are now available in the UK, from Motor Technology, as compatibles. The company has taken on the Mattke agency within the UK in order to support customers with older equipment that cannot easily be retrofitted.

Mattke of Freiburg, in Germany’s Black Forest, has acquired the rights to manufacture a wide range of discontinued servo components, such as drives, motors and gearboxes, that were in common use as far back as twenty years ago. Customers with older equipment can now replace components with a compatible new product or can choose to have the old component serviced or repaired.

Andrew Fallows, Motor Technology’s managing director said: ‘There is a lot of older equipment out there that is still operating perfectly but many of the servo components are no longer made by the original manufacturer and, until now, have been unsupported. Our agency agreement with Mattke will enable us to support customers with older equipment and give them the choice of repair or replacement with a compatible new product.’

The range includes compatible servo drive and motor products to Siemens, AEG, Bosch, Kollmorgen-Seidel, Jutronik, Liebherr and Posidata. In addition Mattke offer controllers, gearboxes, encoders, tachogenerators, brakes, chokes and associated components.

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