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Motor Technology has launched a new range of single and three phase servo positioning controllers that it describes as 'truly universal' as they can be connected to a wide range of encoder systems and motor types.


The ARS 2000 range from Metronix is the company's second generation servo drives that have been designed for ultimate flexibility and ease of use. The new drives will also control different motor types such as torque motors, linear motors or synchronous motors.


The ARS 2000 range can be connected to resolvers, incremental encoders, absolute encoders with either EnDat or Hiperface, high-resolution Stegmann incremental encoders and incremental encoders with or without communication signals.


Two technology slots on the front panel of the drives enable users to plug in various fieldbus technology modules such as Profibus, SERCOS and Ethernet as well as I/O expansion and and service modules.


Another key feature of the ARS 2000 range is its ease of set-up with Metronix's own setup wizard ServoCommander that allows fast and easy configuration of the drive using a PC.


The software automatically identifies the motor and the connected servo controller then guides the user through the setup procedure.

The new drives have an integrated CAN-interface with the CANopen protocol DSP402 that allows the implementation of contouring controls with linear interpolation as well as time synchronised multi-axis applications.


The drives also feature integrated power factor control, safety functions and EMC filters.


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