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Motor Technology has launched a new 24/48VDC decentralised servo drive that can be mounted directly onto brushless or permanent magnet DC servomotors. The new DIS-2 48/10 has a universal encoder interface enabling it to operate with a wide range of feedback devices such as resolvers, analogue or digital six-step hall sensors, Hiperface sin/cos encoders or incremental encoders.


It can be used as a torque, speed or position controller with synchronisation and has a power rating of up to 750W at 48VDC.


The compact unit, measuring just 110 x 80 x 56mm, has a high protection level of up to IP67, when mounted accordingly, making it ideal for applications where there may be spray or regular machine wash downs.

Programming is made easy with DIS-2 Servo Commander, a user-friendly PC commissioning tool for Windows, and control is via CAN bus, RS232, I/O, or Fieldbus.

Installation costs are reduced as the units can be mounted either directly onto the motor or somewhere near it, reducing the amount of expensive cabling to a minimum.

Typical applications include: food processing, back-stop or jig positioning, printing and packaging, servo valves, automatic transport vehicles, conveyor systems, battery driven vehicles and portable machinery.


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