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Motor Technology has launched a compact, integrated servo-drive and motor range for multi-axis systems or remote applications that offers high performance and ease of installation. The drive is bolted directly to a modified motor housing and the connections between the motor and the drive are via two plug-in terminals. The drive can store a number of move commands and only the power, control and/or fieldbus connections have to be routed to the unit.


The new DIS-2 range covers 4 motor sizes in the Servo 80 frame with continuous performance ratings from 0.5Nm at 5000rpm up to 2.2Nm at 1000rpm. The drives can be powered from a single 24V DC supply or for additional performance the power stage can be powered from up to 60V DC. The motors are delivered as standard with a resolver as a feedback device, but they can also be supplied with HiperFace absolute encoders and Renco incremental encoders. Optional holding brakes can also be fitted.


Set up and commissioning of the drive can be carried out quickly and effectively using the accompanying ServoCommanderTM software. Interpolated positioning, gearing etc can be achieved over the integrated CANopen port or via an optional Fieldbus module for ProfiBUS or EtherCAT. The drives can also be supplied separately for DIN-rail mounting and an optional control box is available, simplifying testing and commissioning.


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Integrated servo drive and motor




Internal view of DIS-2 servo drive






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