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Magnetic encoders that are unique in their ability to deliver up to 10,000 pulses per revolution are available from Motor Technology for use in extreme environments, where the use of optical encoders may not be an option.


Manufactured by Lenord & Bauer, the GEL range of magnetic, incremental encoders combine the high-resolution abilities of an optical system with the rugged reliability of a magnetic design.


Lenord & Bauer’s encoders measure the changes in magnetic fields using a magnetically controllable semiconductor resistor, rather than a Hall Effect sensor or a Giant Magneto Resistance sensor used by competing designs.


As a result, the best 58mm encoder available from an alternative manufacturer will deliver 1,280 pulses per revolution, whereas a 58mm GEL encoder will deliver 5,320. This is vital for applications that require a high degree of accuracy but where a dirty or hazardous environment would be a problem for optical encoders.


The range includes solid and hollow shaft encoders, high load bearing units up to 500N, an operational temperature range up to 120°C and an Ex rated unit. Typical applications for these encoders includes machines for the processing of steel, wood, rock, textiles and plastic, as well as use in tunnelling equipment, storage systems and rail vehicles.


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