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Lenord + Bauer’s ultra precise, high resolution magnetic encoder, the GEL 235, is now available in the UK from Motor Technology with new interface and fieldbus options, CANopen, ProfiBUS and the serial BISS interface. This will enable the unique encoder to be integrated into drive networks on machinery and mechanical handling systems etc.

When the encoder was first launched in 2007 it won a coveted prize for innovation from the German ‘Initiative Mittelstand’ organization. The encoder is designed with a steel code disc from which readings are applied to a Vernier scale to give an accuracy of 0.1 degree. Magnetic encoders have not previously been capable of achieving this level of accuracy and so despite their rugged construction they have not been suitable for aggressive environments where high degrees of accuracy are required.


The main benefit of the GEL 235 is that it can be used on applications where there is a lot of vibration, heat or moisture that would otherwise cause problems for an optical encoder. Designers and end users can therefore benefit from the robust characteristics of a magnetic encoder with the accuracy of an optical unit.


Applications so far have included blast furnaces, rail vehicles, high speed motors, wind turbines, and production lines. To aid replacement of existing optical encoders the GEL 235 is available in a number of industry standard formats and with the short construction length of only 47mm. This is the shortest absolute encoder on the market today.