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A new, extra-large servo-gearbox for heavy-duty applications has been launched in the UK by Motor Technology of Stockport.


The new Dynabox XL, from Girard Transmissions, delivers up to 8,000Nm of torque with backlash as low as 0.5 arc minutes and with ratios of up to 90:1. It is the newest addition to the existing range of Dynabox servo gearboxes which are all maintenance free with a right-angled, space-saving configuration.


Like the other gearboxes in the range, the Dynabox XL has two levels of precision to suit different applications. The first is ‘medium precision’ where backlash is fixed at 5 arc minutes, and the second is ‘expert precision’ where the backlash is adjustable to less than 0.5 arc minutes.


The new gearbox can accommodate input speeds from 4,000rpm (continuous) to 6,000rpm (peak), and can handle axial and radial loading of over 70,000N. It is available in three frame sizes: 125, 160 and 200mm and is supplied with a choice of either a hollow or a solid input shaft.


As an alternative to a complete gearbox there is a worm-and-wheel gear-set available known as Dynaset XL.


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