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Motor Technology has expanded its Dynabox range of servo worm gearboxes with the addition of a new design that features a space saving robot flange output. Derived from the robotics industry, where it is commonly used, the term ‘robot flange’ relates to an output face to which a driven component can be directly attached. This configuration is a space saving device which, when combined with Dynabox’s right-angled design results in a very compact unit.


The gearboxes come in six frame sizes with centre distances ranging from 45 to 110mm and ratios of up to 90:1. There are three levels of backlash with the precision or ‘Expert’ setting reducing backlash to less than one arc minute. The Dynabox range is maintenance free with an optimized gear-tooth pattern and Girard’s own bronze alloy to ensure long life. Suitable for input speeds of up to 6,000rpm the new gearboxes are a lower cost alternative to planetary gearboxes and can also be used as rotary tables.


  They are most suited to applications such as, robotic axes and gantry systems, packaging and converting machinery, handling machinery, printing and camera control systems etc.


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