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An extensive new range of servo drives and motors have been launched by automation specialists Motor Technology of Stockport.


The new units are the first to be marketed in the UK under the company's new euroServo brand, developed, according to managing director Andrew Fallows, over the last eighteen months to offer customers significant improvements in the two key areas of price and performance.


The new euroServo range includes modular analogue drives up to 9.6kW that are available for use with resolvers or hall sensors and tachos.


For easy set-up these units have been designed with a digital front end, eliminating any need to adjust potentiometers or other components. Instead, the drive is tuned using PC software, aided by scope and service functions, and the settings are stored on the drive.


Intelligent drives with integrated motion-control functions for, positioning, synchronising, gearing, registration, and cam profiling are also available. They include field bus options, RS232, RS422, RS485, INTERBUS-S, SUCOnet K, CAN-Bus and Profibus DP, as well as having interfaces for step-and-direction.


The units offer extremely smooth operation when used in conjunction with 6 or 10 pole sinusoidal motors, and are thus ideal for use in the machine-tool industry.


The new drives are available as modules, or for incorporation into 19' rack systems. Ratings are up to 18kW with 300V and 600V technology, and direct on-line operation.


The new euroServo motors are available with standard or low inertia and are supplied in six frame sizes from 55-190mm2. Torque ratings are from 0.1-66Nm with continuous operating speeds up to 6,00Orpm.


They can be supplied for either 300 or 600V operation, and with a variety of feedback options to suit customer requirements.


Typical applications for the new euroServo range includes, machine tools, robotics, packaging, printing, mechanical handling and other specialist machinery where precision motion is required.


Detailed technical information on the complete euroServo range is available on request from Motor Technology.


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