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Motor Technology has launched the Servostar 300 series, the smallest new addition to its range of servodrives. They are small enough, the company says, to fit in a 200mm switchgear cabinet, yet despite their small size they have improved speed-loop performance and are twice as fast as their big brothers in the Servostar 400 and 600 ranges.


The new drives operate directly from the mains with voltage supplies ranging from 110 240V (single phase) and 115 480V (three phase).


Accessories such as filters or chokes are not needed with cables that are shorter than 25 meters, and the bay for option cards, compatible with the Servostar 600, makes the new 300 series one of the most versatile on the market. Setup is easy too, with Windows tuning software that features integrated scope, bode plot and ASCII terminal functions.


Each Servostar 300 drive is a complete unit, with integrated filters and regen resistors. They are suitable for use with motors that have resolver, hall sensor or encoder feedback and can be used with linear motors too.


A multi-interface slot allows users to choose between Profibus DP, SERCOS, DeviceNet, Single Axis Controller or I/O expansion in addition to the integrated interfaces.


Interfaces for stepper controllers, master/slave operation, electronic gearing and CANopen are standard on the Servostar 300 range. They can also be fully operated and programmed via the RS232 interface, with the added benefit of multi-dropping to additional drives.


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