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More Flexible Servomotors Double the Torque





A new range of synchronous servomotors that provides increased flexibility for machine designers has been launched by Motor Technology.


The new AKM range of servomotors, manufactured by Danaher Motion, provides a wider choice of frame lengths, winding versions, fixing methods and feedback systems, and can deliver up to twice the continuous torque from the same frame size, compared to the previous motor range.


The new range offers a choice of seven frame sizes from 40 to 188mm square and five standard windings from low (75Vdc) to high voltage operation (480Vac).


There is a wide range of feedback options including, resolver, high-resolution encoder and ComCoder. SFD is available from low-power motors with just one cable combining feedback and power lines.


The motor flanges are suitable for either, IEC, NEMA or JIS standard mounting.



NEMA = National Electrical Manufacturers Association, IEC = International
Electrotechnical Commission, JIS = Japanese Industrial Standard, and, SFD =
Smart Feedback Device.