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New Brushless Motor Range





A new range of brushless motors that enable engineers to dispense with power transmission components such as gearboxes, couplings, toothed belts, sprockets and chains, is available from Motor Technology of Stockport.


Manufactured by Danaher Motion and branded Direct Drives, the range includes linear and rotary motors that are suitable for applications requiring a high degree of accuracy, smooth running, backlash-free operation and high acceleration. The elimination of many power transmission components results in a more compact machine design and reduced costs.


The linear, synchronous motors consist of a magnetic track and a lamination stack with three-phase winding. The load is connected directly to the motor, which generates a smooth, direct, linear force. Gears or couplings are not required, resulting in stiff, backlash free operation. Various feedback units, such as Hall effect sensors for low accuracy requirements, or high-resolution linear encoders for maximum precision, can be used in conjunction with the drives to cater for all linear applications.


The rotary motors are multipole, hollow-shaft motors with their own bearings and a high-resolution encoder system. They are coupled to the load directly through hollow shafts, enabling precise non-yielding drive solutions. They are maintenance free and run more quietly and with better dynamics than drives that use gears or toothed belts.


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