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Adding to their range of backlash-free, plug-in precision metal bellows couplings, Motor Technology of Stockport have introduced the new BK5 coupling manufactured by R+W of Germany.


The new coupling increases the maximum torque which can be handled by the plug-in range from 10 to 150Nm. This widens possible applications to include high power, high performance servo motors, the output shafts of gearboxes, as well as low torque applications such as encoders, resolvers, and tachometers, where the range has already been proven.


The main benefit of the plug-in design is the easy mounting and dismounting, which the manufacturers claim can save up to 80% of installation time over conventional metal bellows couplings. When servicing is required the complete unit is removed to the rear without having to loosen fastening screws. Maintenance procedures are therefore simplified as fastening elements do not need to be aligned with an access window for removal, which in some cases is a two man job.


The conical self-adjusting plug-in segment of the coupling is manufactured from fibreglass reinforced PVC achieving strength qualities equal to that of steel, and which also acts as a thermal and electrical insulator. The segment is designed with six interlocking grooves which, along with axial pre-tensioning of the metal bellows, achieves backlash-free operation.


According to the manufacturers the new coupling compensates for misalignment, is torsionally stiff, will dampen vibrations, and is wear and maintenance free.


They expect it to find particular use in applications such as servo axes, robot axes, machine tools, and applications with restricted accessibility.


Further information and detailed technical literature is available from Motor Technology.


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