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Manufacturing Technology Exhibition

Dublin, Ireland - Nov 2007





Motor Technology are back at the Irish Manufacturing exhibition after a very successful participation at last years show.

1 - FESTO of Germany, eDrive products

Motor Technology have recently been appointed as System Integrator for FESTO. Mainly kwon for its pneumatic products, FESTO has steadily been finding a foothold in electrically driven axes with a wide range of servo and stepper motor based linear actuators.

2 - TRIO of Tewkesbury - UK, motion controllers

Motor Technology were appointed distributor for the full TRIO range of motion controllers, in July 2007. This will be the first time that we will be showing the TRIO products, which significantly extend our capabilities on motion control to cover simple single-axis and complex multi-axis applications.

3 - Motor Power Company of Italy, SKA direct drive motors

This new generation of motors eliminates the need for gearboxes, belts and pulleys, couplings, racks and pinions by driving the load directly. This minimises the component count, increasing reliability, efficiency and running costs. The working model of the SKA direct drive motors attracted a lot of attention at last years show and  demonstrates the high dynamics and accuracy of direct drive linear and rotary motors.

4 - Lenord & Bauer of Germany, GEL235 high-resolution magnetic absolute encoder

We will be launching the GEL235, the world’s 1st high-resolution magnetic absolute encoder, seen working for the first time in the UK and Ireland at the Show. This is an ultra compact, extremely robust absolute encoder offering a solution for absolute measurement in applications previously deemed to hazardous for this type of unit.

In addition Motor Technology will be presenting a range of precision servo and automation components including servodrives, servomotors, gearboxes, couplings, encoders and motion controllers.

Our sales and technical staff will be on hand demonstrating the equipment and for discussions on specific requirements.


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