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Miniature kit encoder offers advanced options for

high-speed spindle applications





Motor Technology has launched an advanced version of Lenord + Bauerís ultra precise miniature kit encoder for measuring speed and position in high-speed spindle applications, such as cutting and drilling. The new GEL 2443 is bristling with new features and options including the addition of a new application-specific integrated circuit that allows pre-programming at the factory avoiding the need to assemble the calibration circuitry by hand.

Able to handle speeds of over 70,000rpm and spindles ranging in size from just 8mm to over 500mm, the new sensors can be ordered with an amplitude-control option that provides automatic adjustment of the output signals in case of sensor misalignment or temperature changes. The EMC behaviour has also been improved, making the new sensor easier to integrate into the control loop.

The GEL 2443 is available with sine/cosine signals (1Vpp), ZERO flag or groove detection and optional amplitude control. Accessories include standard and custom tooth-wheels, as well as a range of interpolation electronics, which can provide TTL square wave signals to the customerís electronics.