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A new miniature kit encoder capable of measuring spindle speeds well in excess of 40,000rpm has been launched by Motor Technology of Stockport. Designed for accurately controlling spindle speeds in high-speed cutting applications the kit encoder, GEL 244, manufactured by Lenord & Bauer, operates by magnetically scanning a tooth-wheel fitted to the driven shaft.


Due to its contact less operating principle there are theoretically no upper limits on shaft speeds that the encoder is capable of measuring, and, the company states, it has been introduced to meet the demand for increased accuracy in the growing number of high-speed cutting applications.


The encoders measure just 37.5 x 18.5 x 21.4mm and are perfectly suited to even the smallest of spindles. All the electronics are sealed in a shock-and-vibration resistant housing with lugs on the base for mounting.


Capable of operating within a temperature range of -40 to +120C the units have an ingress protection level of IP68 and are impervious to harsh environmental influences and chemicals.


No additional electronics are required and two 90 phase-shifted sinusoidal signals with an amplitude of 1Vss are provided. These balanced signals can be interpolated to a high factor resulting in very high resolution. A version is also available with TTL square-wave signals and both versions can be supplied with zero-marker detection.


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