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Motor Technology - MaxPlus® series
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Max Plus Brushless Rotary Servo MotorsThe MaxPlus® Brushless Rotary Servo Motors.

Proven to outperform the competition.


The MaxPlus® family is redefining performance, flexibility and reliability, with the industry’s broadest range of brushless servo motors - from 1 1/2" to 12" (40mm to 320mm). Each unit delivers more performance in a smaller package for less cost.

 What’s more, the reliability of MaxPlus® Series motors is becoming legendary in demanding applications.

Our rugged construction and industry-leading performance features give you an unbeatable price/performance/cost of ownership combination.



The difference is in the performance

The outstanding performance of MaxPlus® servo motors is engineered from the beginning. Our servo motors offer features that include:

• High-performance neodymium magnet material

• Resolver for position and velocity feedback

• Custom windings available

• IP65 sealing for wash down environments, standard

• MS connector termination or flying lead termination

• Thermo switch in windings

• Optional internally mounted brake

• Optional additional feedback transducers

• Optional gear reducers


Technological advances that produce results

We are working with new and emerging technologies to improve our product offering. It is the mission of the MTS Automation Division to continually improve the quality, reliability and cost effectiveness of our products, while achieving higher levels of performance.


Custom designs to meet particular needs

MaxPlus® is not just an "off the shelf" line of servo motors. It is a line that offers unparalleled flexibility to achieve precise application requirements.

What’s more, we are committed to working with our customers to custom design solutions that meet specific performance and cost criteria.


The only motor line with these performance specs

More torque to volume, more torque to inertia, and more torque per dollar. The full line of MaxPlus® brushless servo motors outperforms competitive units in virtually every performance category.