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Motor Technology - GEL 2444K and 2444T 
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Kit encoders with sin/cos or square wave output

for high-speed spindle applications





MiniCoders are designed for installation in drives as an alternative to the conventional encoders.


They are contact-less and are equipped with a magnetic scanning system which, in conjunction with a toothed wheel as measuring scale, permit the measurement of rotary motion. This solution is exceptionally space-saving.


The sensor elements, the magnet and the integrated electronic system are incorporated in state-of-the-art micro system technology and are fully encapsulated. The design together with subsequent circuitry ensures an electrically and mechanically robust product.





MiniCoders are dew-point proof, do not wear and are insensitive to dirt, shock and vibration. The target wheel can be designed to suit almost any machine geometry (interior and exterior diameter, impulse number).


The GEL 2444 outputs a TTL 5V, square wave signal that can be interpolated up to 20 times per tooth.


MiniCoders require no maintenance and thus have a low cost of ownership. This extremely flexible system offers you not only long term reliability but also solutions to gain a competitive edge.


The incremental encoders are used to convert rotary motion into electrical impulses.


    GEL2444 in operation on a high-speed spindle



technical data


  GEL 2444

Description / technical features

Very compact (37.5 x 18.5 mm) for precision applications. Output frequency up to 200 kHz, with reference signal, for motor speeds up to 70,000 rpm.

Motion detection

Max. air gap 0.15 mm

Module M

M = 0.15 up to 0.2
Frequency range 0 ... 200 kHz

Measuring scale

measuring toothed-wheel

Temperature range

-40 ... + 120 C

Protection class

IP 68

Ex protection


Supply voltage

5 V DC

Fields of application

Mounting in motors, gears, high-speed- and mainspindles, elevators, printing presses, pumps, etc.

Output signals


Square wave 5 V

Tracks A, B, N, A/, B/, N/