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Motor Technology - GEL235 series
request details of magnetic absolute encoders




Absolute encoders supply a clear code (information) in each angular position. This process offers the advantage that even in case of a power failure the actual position will be transmitted to the evaluation electronics.


Furthermore, errors of measurement due to missing pulses and cumulative errors are excluded. Single-turn encoders divide one revolution into up to 8,192 steps, multi-turn encoders can also divide into up to 4,096 revolutions (16,777,216 measuring steps max.).


Technical data GEL 235

Description/ technical features

Singleturn or Multiturn

Clamping flange, Synchro flange, Semi hollow shaft


Aluminium anodized

Shaft diameter Clamping flange 10 mm, Synchro flange 6 mm
Shaft inside diameter Semi hollow shaft 15 mm
Axial/radial shaft load

50 N


12,000 min -1Singelturn, 6,000 min -1 Multiturn (short time 12.000 min -1 )

Temperature range

-40 °C ... +85 °C

Protection class

IP 64 (optional IP 67)

Supply voltage

10...30 V DC (optional 5 V)

Code output

Binär, Gray, SSI programmable