Motor Technology - GEL 104
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for use with 5V or 10..25Vdc incremental encoders


Bright 6-digit 14mm LED display


2 Presets ( positions )


2 Relay outputs


Choice of various counting modes


Multiplier for scaling


Programmable switching duration for both outputs


Safety against mains failure with data memory for more than 10 years


input frequency up to 40kHz


The GEL 104 counter is a counter / position display in a compact DIN 96x48mm housing. It features an LED display showing presets or actual counts. For output 1 and output 2, a relay output with change-over contacts are available. Terminals for external reset, inhibit, hold and keylock integrated. Several counting modes are possible. The count input can be interpolated (or multiplied) with a factor of 1, 2 or 4, thus increasing accuracy. An internal multiplier can scale the actual count input to units, e.g. inches or millimetres. The five buttons on the counter allow for easy use by the operator.

Technical Data

Power supply ( GEL 104.1 ) 12 ... 24 VDC -5/+10%
Power supply ( GEL 104.2 ) 115/230 VAC -10/+6%, 50/60Hz
Current consumption ( GEL 104.1 ) 4.5W @ 12 ... 24 VDC
Current consumption ( GEL 104.2) < 50/25 mA @ 115/230 VAC
Protection category II
General design DIN 57411 / VDE 0411
Electromagnetic immunity Category 3/2 (DC/AC version) IEC 801
Radio interference suppression B / VDE 0871
Protection type IP54 (front panel), IP20 (cabinet)
Operating temperature range 0░C ... +50░C
Storage temperature range -20░C ... +70░C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 96x48x108 mm
Sensor supply ( GEL 104.1 ) Ub-2V, Imax = 60mA
Sensor supply ( GEL 104.2 ) 12...24 VDC, Imax=60mA
Display 7-segment LED 14mm
Data storage > 10 years, NV-RAM

Count Inputs (Input 1, Input 2)

Amplitude Max. ▒ 40V, High: >8V, Low: < 2V
Switching edge PNP or NPN (programmable)
Pulse shape Any
Input impedance Approx. 5 kOhm
Max. counting frequency 40 kHz / 30 Hz (bounce free)

Control Inputs

Amplitude Max. ▒ 40V, High >8V, Low <2V
Reset ╣Static or dynamic (programmable)
╣Minimum pulse width ╣ 2 msec (damped 17 msec)
Display Hold, Keylock ▓Static
▓Minimum pulse width ▓ 3 msec
Inhibit │Static
│Minimum pulse width │ 12 Ásec (damped 17 msec)

Control Outputs, Relay (Out 1, Out 2) Change-over contact

Max. switching voltage 30 VDC / 250 VAC
Max. switching current 1 A

Connection Diagram

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GEL 104 Dimensions

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Order Specifications

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